We’re pretty boring after work.

When we get home from work, we do the same old thing.  Obviously we know what we do every night.  But do you want to know too?  Of course you do!  That’s why we put together:


10. Pack for weekend trips. We actually spend a lot of weekends away from home.  So far in 2010, we have taken weekend trips to Atlanta, Orlando, and Ft. Myers (before our two-week vacation in late February)!

9. Talk to you. We love talking to our family & friends!!!!

8.  Go for a run. Usually in the summer when it’s actually light outside.  Usually a two-mile maximum.

7.  Work. Nothing stinks more than getting home from a long day of work and having more work to do.  But it happens.  Regularly.

6.  Clean the house. Self-explanatory.  We’re neat freaks.

5.  Bake. Brownies, bread, muffins, cookies.  Recently we’ve been making nut bars: a not-fully-cooked cake bottom, a chocolate layer, covered by a generous pile of peanuts.

4. Play with Gigi. Poor thing is alone all day.  The least we can do is throw her a toy now and again.

3.  Talk. About our work load.  About our work product.  About our coworkers. About breakfast, lunch, and snack.  About how we slept last night.  About who was awesome today and who was annoying.  About what we love about work and what we hate about it.  About what we want to do this weekend.  About whatever is on our minds.

2. Watch TV. We know it’s taboo, but we confess to watching a lot of TV after work.  Primetime: The Bachelor, Chuck, The Office, The Middle, Modern Family, Cougartown, Community, 30 Rock.  Downtime: Its Me Or The Dog, Dirty Jobs, anything on HGTV or Discovery Health.  Breakfast time: Saved by the Bell.  Dinner time: Jeopardy & Wheel of Fortune.

1.  EAT! We usually eat a fritatta for dinner.  Delicious nut bars for dessert.

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