The Results Are In!

The results are in.  Krister will be doing his residency in pathology at Pennsylvania Hospital!!!

For those of you unfamiliar with the program, here is a little history.  Pennsylvania Hospital was the first hospital in the United States.  Benjamin Franklin & Dr. Thomas Bond founded the hospital in 1751 (two hundred years before the first Match Day!).  The pathology program is nationally known for its expertise in the area of bone and soft tissue tumors, which meshes well with Krister’s interest in orthopedics.

Congratulations Krister!!!

4 thoughts on “The Results Are In!

  1. Congratulations, Krister…I’ve heard great things about Pennsylvania Hospital! Of course, it doesn’t hurt that it is MY hospital! 😉

  2. How come Gigi doesn’t have her own part of this blog? I’d like to leave her a message telling her how glad I am that she will still be my neighbor!

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