Park Hopping to Celebrate Spring

To celebrate the vernal equinox, we spent the day checking out three local parks: Fairmount Park, Ringing Rocks Park, and Nockamixon State Park.

Fairmount Park is our favorite park. We frequent the park at least once a week.  We run there, walk Gigi there, and hike there.  The river that runs through it is a great place for fishing (if you don’t really want to catch anything).  Krister has gone mountain biking on the trails many times.

Yesterday, we went for a 5-mile jog through Manayunk and the park.  The weather was perfect, getting up to about 70 degrees by the end of our jog.  All three of us (Kristin, Krister & Gigi) were a little out of shape, but we have all summer to improve.   Since we don’t usually jog with a camera, below are a couple of shots from our walk through the park last week.

Next, we went to Ringing Rocks Park.

Ringing Rocks Park is home to a field of boulders that produce a melodious sound when struck with a hammer.  The rocks are not hollow, but must contain a significant amount of metal.  We spent a couple hours climbing over rocks and testing them out – the do indeed sing!  Most of the boulders make the same noise with some variations.  Ringing Rocks Park is also home to the largest waterfall in Bucks County, PA.

Our last stop was Nockamixon State Park. This was a last-minute addition to our day of park-hopping. It was a nice park for boating or biking.  It also had plenty of space for picnicking!  Gigi loves to lead us in our walks so you’ll see her out in front telling us where to go.


Following our glorious day in Pennsylvania’s finest parks, we settled down for a Guinness at Sarah & John’s St. Patrick’s Day party.  Gigi was so tired that she didn’t even pick a fight with Luke.  And so ended our first day of spring 2010.

2 thoughts on “Park Hopping to Celebrate Spring

  1. I enjoy the picture of Gigi on the ringing rocks. What a fun, outdoor-sy day! Images like these make me wish that I had a car, so that I could explore more than Kelly Drive on lovely spring days.

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