Yummy… Trash!

Mommy has been nagging me to write my first post.  I will write about one of my favorite things: garbage.

My obsession with garbage began at an early age, when I searched for the remains of my chewed up toys.  I discovered that all good things were located nearby: scraps of food, smelly tidbits, shred-able tissues.

Unfortunately, mommy thwarted most of my exploratory efforts.  I quickly learned that the best way to conduct a thorough investigation is to wait until no one is home.  That method allows for ample time to extract all of the garbage out of the tightly lidded can and spread it across the floor.

Once the garbage is adequately splayed on the floor, the real investigation begins.  I usually start with tearing and ripping and follow it with some tasting.  Almost everything that finds its way into the garbage can tastes delicious.  Exceptions: onions, dead flower petals, lettuce (all of which are still good for shredding).

You hit the jackpot if you find raw chicken or rancid sausage.  Today, I discovered Pop Rocks.  Trust me, you have to try them to know their unique properties.  [Editor’s Note: don’t feed your dog Pop Rocks.  Gigi’s vet — thank you Emily! — confirmed that she should be okay.]

And with my full belly and tired nose, it is time to retire for a long nap (after I go outside, lick the remains of pop rocks off my paws, and eat dinner).

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