The baby moves!

Last Friday I felt the first evidence of a living creature in my belly.  It’s barely noticeable…  but definitely there.

I’m in the office leaning toward my computer (I probably need new glasses) when I felt a little cry from the inside: Stop bending over and give me more space!  Of course, that cry was muffled by all of my internal organs and, maybe, all the food supplies I’ve been stockpiling in my stomach.

Through it all, I felt a little flutter in my belly.  Apparently that’s what a squirmy fetus feels like.   (I think?  I hope?  As long as it isn’t a gremlin, we’re all good.)

I’m told that the movements will get stronger in the coming weeks.  Also, assuming the baby cooperates, keep your eye on the blog in late July for an announcement about gender!

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