It’s a BOY!

That’s right – on Wednesday, July 28th, we found out that our little Seahorse is A BOYSeahorse is happy and healthy (we know for sure because he was squirming all about in Kristin’s tummy during the ultrasound).

The ultrasound tech was the sweetest woman and printed out a bunch of pictures for us.  Now we can share them with you!

This is the baby’s profile.  His head is to the right and his body is to the left.  You cannot see his neck in this one so the head doesn’t look connected to the body – but we swear it is!

In this picture, you can see a profile of his head to the right and his hands/feet to the left  (he looks like he might be sucking his thumb).

This is another profile with his little hand over his face (possibly still sucking his thumb).  Head to the right, body to the left.

Two more profile pictures – head on the right, body on the left.  In the upper picture, you can see his hands and feet.

The arrow shows you how we know he’s a boy.  One of his legs is directly above the arrow; the other leg is lower down in the picture. 

These two photos show Seahorse’s face from the front (so you can see two eyes).  His head is to the right and body to the left.  Yes, he looks like an alien, but the doctor confirmed that he is in fact a baby (not a Gremlin, as previously suspected).

This is a picture of the baby’s brain.  The white circle is the baby’s skull (and the white/grey matter inside the skull is his brain).

Later this week we’ll tell you about the house renovations we focused on over the weekend.  We’re celebrating the halfway mark for the pregnancy, so a photo of Kristin’s growing belly will also be posted soon!

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