Happy Birthday, Uncle Dan!

On Saturday night, we celebrated Kristin’s uncle’s birthday in New Jersey.

We went to Eno Terra, a “farm to table” restaurant in Kingston, NJ (near New Brunswick).  The food was phenomenal and creative.  To start the meal, we (Kristin and Krister) split Sweet Corn Chowder and an Heirloom Tomato Salad.  The vegetables came directly from the restaurant’s farm a mile up the street.  Kristin’s mom ordered a variety of chips, so we even tried our first chip made from a lemon!

For our main meal, we split Hand-cut Tagliatlle and an Alaskan Salmon special.  For dessert, the table shared one of each dessert on the menu.  Each dessert was amazing – especially the one that wished Uncle Dan a happy birthday!

Thanks Kathleen for hosting such a fabulous birthday party!  You certainly had some happy guests (Krister was happy too, but unfortunately, we don’t have a picture to show it!):



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