Baby Shower: Preparations (Part 1 of 4)

On Saturday, September 11th, Kimberly threw us an amazing baby shower.  Our next series of posts will feature photos from the big day, looking at the preparations, the shower food and activities, and – of course – the gifts!

The first guests arrived at our house on Friday.  First, Kimberly, Stacy, & Bill.  Shortly thereafter, Cathy, Angelo, and Toni arrived.  Kimberly started the preparations on Friday night with everyone’s help (except Kristin, who was not allowed to help).  After running errands, Kimberly prepared the dishes for the food, labeling everything with a post-it note:

Stacy’s brother Alfred joined us after work.  The whole crew started cooking the food that could be made in advance, and then we spent the rest of the evening catching up and just talking.

Stay tuned for photos of how the food turned out!

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