Baby Shower: Activities (Part 2 of 4)

As many of you know by now, Kristin’s cousin Kimberly threw a baby shower for us on September 11th.  The day was very well planned, down to the most intricate details.  The focus of this post: the activities!

After guests filled up their bellies with appetizers, they were invited out to the porch to decorate bibs & onesies!  Each person had an opportunity to put their own individual touch on our little Seahorse’s clothing.  We have Kimberly and Kelly (Kristin’s good friend from high school) to thank for this useful, thoughtful, and personalized activity!

Above: Tarra & Cathy work on their masterpieces with Prudence in the background.
Below: Overview of the creative process!

Above: Alexa shows off her Caribbean-inspired bib in honor of Krister.
Below: Elizabeth displays her “Mister Seahorse” onesie, to complement the book her parents gave us as a shower gift.

Above: Eileen & Sharon add a little (okay, admittedly it is a LOT) of humor to their onesie.  Is that chest hair???
Below: Soon-to-be Aunt Cathy’s bib reads “I heart my θεία” (Greek for “I heart my aunt”)!

Above: Several of the bibs and onesies are hung by clothespins to dry.

After the decorating bibs & onesies, the crew turned to a fun baby shower game!  The game required particpants to guess the mess in the baby’s diaper.  The mess (we swear) was a melted chocolate bar.  The goal: identify what candy bar was melted in the diaper.  Participants are allowed to taste the chocolate…  if you dare!  In the photo below, Kristin’s Grammie shows of her diaper, which was filled with a melted Three Musketeers bar.

Stay tuned for photos of the food & gifts!

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