JR & Chantal’s Wedding

We had a phenomenal time at JR & Chantal’s wedding this weekend.

They got married at St. Peter of Alcantara in Port Washington, NY (on Long Island).  The reception was held at the NYIT de Seversky Center.  The de Seversky Center was built for the DuPont family in 1918.  (We also learned from the bartender that 50 Cent filmed a music video there!)

The weather was perfect and so were all the details they planned!  They had a “wishing tree” where guests could leave the new couple good wishes and a little Halloween candy display to celebrate the holiday.  Not to mention the digital photo frames and the pictues of weddings past decorating the rooms.  The details really made the night extra special for everyone.


More photos on Facebook using this link (you don’t need a Facebook account to view the photos).  CONGRATS JR & CHANTAL!

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