Kasen’s a popular guy.

Kasen has had a full schedule – three appointments in three days!

On Saturday, Aunt Prudence came back for another visit.  After a delicious lunch, she took Kasen (and Kristin & Krister) off to Valley Forge National Park for a walk.  The weather was warm and windy and Kasen had a great time.

Then, on Sunday, Elizabeth came and brought us lots of delicious food!  She brought a yummy Spanish tomato-artichoke soup, a cucumber-sesame pasta, & apple coconut muffins!  Yummy.  Not only that, but as soon as she held him, he immediately quieted.

Then today, Kasen drove over to visit Sharon & Jeremy’s new arrival – Mason!  The rhyming pair (Kasen & Mason!)  had a fabulous playdate this afternoon.

They’re going to be bestest friends.  We, as parents, can tell by the way they both have adorable legs.

Tomorrow, he’s venturing into Center City to hang out with his Bapcia.  This weekend he’s taking his first road trip to Boston!

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