Happy Fourth Month, Kasen!

Kasen is four months old.  At his doctor’s appointment today, he was 13 pounds,12 ounces ( 26.9th percentile) and 23.1 inches long ( 2.5 percentile – such a short little guy).

Here are his monthly photos (check out those chunky legs!):

Click here to see the album of Kasen’s monthly photos.  He loks so much different now than he did…  will he be even cuter next month???

And again, he hit all of his milestones this month:

  • Rolls over (front to back)
  • Sits up momentarily… very momentarily
  • Raises his chest up when supported by his arms
  • Squeals in delight
  • Reaches for objects
  • Says “ahgoo”, makes a wet razzing sound (“bbbbb”), and combines vowels and consonants (“gagaga”)
  • Turns in the direction of a voice
  • Works to get a toy out of reach
  • SLEEPS THROUGH THE NIGHT!  (ok, that isn’t really a “milestone” per se but we are certainly celebrating.)  We consider ourselves the luckiest parent alive because Kasen has been sleeping from 10:30ish until 8:30ish since he was six weeks old.  Hopefully that will last…

What’s next?  The doctor also okay-ed him for solid foods!  We will be starting him on rice cereal very soon…  stay tuned for adorable pictures of Kasen spitting food out everywhere and Gigi cleaning it up.

4 thoughts on “Happy Fourth Month, Kasen!

      • Wow, does he take naps during the day too? J is on a continuous feed at night and STILL doesn’t sleep more than 8 hours max. (not that i’m complaining, 8 hours is great and we also put ourselves in the lucky parents camp, but i do miss the days of sleeping past 6:30 am)

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