The House Party

Guest Author: W.H. Ketelhut

Few words can incite creativity, initiative and follow-through in a young person quite like the words Kristin and Krister said to Kasen in mid-April. These words are simple, yet they stimulate the mind to work in the most sophisticated of ways. Kristin and Krister were invited to a wedding in Charleston, SC, and, for the first time, told Kasen “We are gone for the weekend and you are in charge of the house. NO PARTIES.”

Okay- so maybe he wasn’t left in charge of the house. And maybe he didn’t understand a word they said because he doesn’t have full command of the English language (yet).  BUT, to his credit, Kasen did the same thing that he will do 16 years from now. He threw a weekend long party.

Pictured: Kasen Jones, watching cartoons and doing what Californians refer to as “chiefin”.

Kasen picked up Kristin’s mom (hereafter referred to as “Bapcia,” Polish for grandma) and headed to the airport to drop his folks off and pick up Uncle Billy. Bapcia, Uncle Billy, and Kasen retired to Kasen’s house and proceeded to catch up over a late dinner and a bottle of formula. Everyone slept soundly through the night until around 6AM when Kasen reminded everyone how they should get up and take the day by storm.

Saturday was a big day. Bapcia and Kasen woke up early to enjoy breakfast with the sunrise. Uncle Billy slept until 9AM, and joined the other two intermittently throughout the day as he also had to study for his upcoming test. In the blink of an eye, Kasen’s Uncle Dan and Aunt Kathleen had arrived for a dinner party!

Editor’s note: Kasen offered to wait until everyone else was served, but was told to eat while his meal was still hot.

Photographic evidence supports happy baby theory.

There have since been claims that Kasen had one too many bottles of formula Saturday night and lost his cool before sleeping 12 hours, but these accusations remain unsubstantiated as Uncle Billy snuck out for a few hours to catch up with his engaged college roommate and discuss his duties as best man. (Congrats Chris and Lauren!). Kasen elected not to comment on the situation now referred to as Babygate 2011.

Sunday rolled in with sunshine and smiles as Kasen slept off any residual effects of a late Saturday night. After a quick bottle, he was ready to get to his work out, and recruited Bapcia and the dogs to join him.

Lift-Burn-Tone! One and two and one and two…

Sunday evening was bittersweet as Bapcia and Uncle Billy returned to their homes, but Kasen’s mom and dad made it safely back. More importantly, Kasen’s mom and dad didn’t find any evidence of his party!

Here’s to hoping that we can join Kasen the next time he hears those magical words…

One thought on “The House Party

  1. So happy to have been among the first to contribute to the delinquency of this minor. Except for Bapcia (and possibly Aunt K) Kasen didn’t have a chance…..

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