Daycare: Week 1

Because Kristin went back to work this week, Kasen started daycare!  Every week, his teachers tell us what he did.  It turns out, he does some pretty neat stuff!  The plan is to give you a synopsis of his daycare activities each week (we’ll see if we keep up with this).

Monday: Kasen learned about soccer.  He played with a soccer ball and sang “Go, Go, Go Kasen!” with his teachers.  His teachers read him a story about how to share the soccer ball with friends.  His teachers said that he really enjoyed spending time outside.

Tuesday: Kasen “practiced walking.”  His teachers helped him learn to walk around the room and then he went outside for a walk (well, his teachers pushed him in a buggy).  His teachers put paint on his feet and had him “walk” across paper.

Wednesday: Kasen and his classmates rolled a ball back and forth and played with a parachute.  Kasen enjoyed sitting in his teacher’s lap using the parachute (he apparently kept smiling every time he felt the breeze).  He and his classmates also created a picture in the Jackson Pollock style.

Thursday: Today, Kasen’s class talked about pets.  They listened to the story “Dogs and Cats” by Steve Jenkins.  Kasen also got a lesson on how to properly play with pets (“gentle touches”).  Gigi was very happy with this lesson because Kasen likes to grab her fur, especially on her ears, and pull.

Friday: Kasen is a lucky baby.  His mommy doesn’t work on Fridays, so we only get reports for Mondays through Thursdays.

All-in-all, Kasen loves daycare!  He is all smiles at drop-off and pick-up.

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