The View from My Office

As you may know, I took an extended maternity leave (4 months) following Kasen’s birth.  It was great to have some extra time with Little K, but the unpaid portion of my leave really did a number on our budget.  I have been back at work and playing super-mom for two weeks now (I’m exhausted), but it wasn’t until this morning that I remembered how awesome my window view is:

I’m up on the 21st floor of Commerce Square in Center City Philadelphia, overlooking 30th Street Station, the Schuylkill River, and I-76.  Off in the distance (on the right), you can see a hot air balloon from the zoo.  I guess technically that means, at any given moment, I could see four forms of transportation (train, boat, car, and hot air balloon)?  Oddly enough, my old office overlooked the airport…  Maybe my coworkers are trying to tell me to go somewhere.  Hopefully I’m not getting shipped over to hang with the monkeys (maybe the Legal Eagles?).

Regardless, I don’t want to roam far with such a beautiful view on a gorgeous sunny day like today!

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