Daycare: Week 2

Kasen enjoyed another week of daycare!  Because this is nutritional month, the infants learned about different types of fruit.

Monday: Kasen’s class played with apples on Monday (in other words, they felt apples and batted at them).  Kasen’s teachers read the very hungry caterpillar and looked for apples on each page.  When Kasen came home, we continued the apple theme by feeding Kasen applesauce for the first time (he loved it).  His teachers said he enjoyed going outside and sitting in the mega-saucer.

Tuesday: Kasen had a special teacher on Tuesday — his Bapcia!  Bapcia watched Kasen in her apartment for the day.  They even went for a fun walk around the city!

Wednesday: Kasen’s teachers taught the babies the word “fruit” in sign language.  (They also tried the signs “more” and “please.”)  They played with the parachute and shook a plum placed in the middle.  Kasen’s teachers said he really enjoyed playing with the parachute.  They sang the song “Three Plums Fell From The Tree” and held a plum in their hands.

Thursday:  Kasen’s teachers read his class the story Time to Eat by Steve Jenkins (the author of the month).  They played with a toy strawberry and “walked” on a freezer bag containing frozen strawberries.  They also sang “Fruit Salad” by the Wiggles.  As always, Kasen also enjoyed playing outside with his teachers.

Friday: Kasen’s class played with oranges on Friday.  They “tried creating an orange” using Play Dough.  His teachers mentioned that all of Kasen’s classmates tried to eat the play dough.  Kasen enjoyed playing outside and listening to the sounds o f the playground.

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