Daycare: Week 3

Sports week!

Monday: Today was baseball day.  Kasen’s class felt the stitches of a baseball, rolled baseballs on the floor, and sang “Take me out to the ballgame.”  Kasen also tried to paint a baseball by dipping a fork in red paint to make the stitches.  Kasen’s teachers report that Kasen enjoyed sitting in the bouncy chair and smiled when his teachers sang to him.

Tuesday:  Today was golf day.  Kasen’s class looked at a picture book and tried to find a picture of a golf ball.  They explored the texture of a golf ball with their hands (and mouths) and used texture brushes to paint a golf ball.  They also rolled a golf ball through a tunnel and Kasen (and his classmates who are still immobile) watched the other babies crawl into the tunnel to get the golf ball.  Kasen’s teachers said that he enjoyed playing on the mat with his friends and when his teachers read to him.

Wednesday: Today was soccer day.  The teachers bounced a soccer ball on the tiel and the carpet to see if it made different sounds.  Kasen’s teachers called each baby’s name when it was his/her turn to catch the soccer ball so that the babies could practice responding to his/her names.  The babies painted using popsicle sticks to create an orange and blue, Jackson-Pollack-style painting (Jackson Pollack is this month’s artist). Kasen’s teachers report that Kasen “had the silliest expression on his face when we painted” and that he had fun painting with his fingers.

Thursday: Today was basketball day.  His class read a story by Steve Jenkins and looked for a ball in the book.  For art time, Kasen painted a “basketball” with black handprints on orange paper.  Kasen’s teachers said he really enjoyed listening to the stories by Steve Jenkins and when his teachers sang “Row Row Your Basketball” (to the tune of Row Row Your Boat).

One thought on “Daycare: Week 3

  1. So, is Kasen slowly becoming multi-colored from all the painting he does? Seems like they do a lot of painting and I’m guessing 6-month olds + paint isn’t exactly a clean activity 🙂 Sounds like a very creative day care!

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