It’s all about family

Last weekend, Krister’s parents and sister came to visit us all the way from Massachusetts!  Kasen was extra lucky to have a bunch of new experiences while his grandparents and aunt were in town – first time playing piano, first ride in a swing, and his first carillon concert (most of you readers probably haven’t even been to a carillon concert!).  We all took turns feeding him – which was good because his recent growth spurt meant he was eating a lot!

Here are a few photos of the festivities:

Kasen playing with his Nampy.

Kasen & Prudence are starting a band.

Kasen is very cooperative when it comes to eating.  (“I want a WHOLE banana please.”)

Prudence plays carillon at Princeton on Sundays in the summer; last Sunday’s theme was children’s music.  Kasen ate the program.

Kasen was fascinated by the inside of the swing and stared at it the whole time we were at the playground.

Thanks for visiting!!

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