Daycare: Weeks 5 & 6

June is “Planting the Seeds of Our Future” month.  The babies are learning about flowers!


Monday: Happy Memorial Day!  Schools out.

Tuesday: Today, Kasen’s class focused on the future.  They used crayons to color a picture of “the future” and shook musical instruments to futuristic music.  Kasen’s teachers noticed that Kasen was growing bigger and bigger every day!

Wednesday: Kasen and his classmates looked at pictures of flowers by Georgia O’Keefe.  The babies played with fake flowers and painted a flower with pink and black paint.  Kasen enjoyed playing in the exersaucer.  His teachers said, “Kasen also enjoyed moving his bib around so it was backwards.  We called him a superhero and pretended to fly around the room.”

Thursday: Kasen’s teachers read a book about eggs and the babies played with shaker eggs.  Kasen really enjoyed making silly faces in the mirror today.


Monday: In class,Kasen and his classmates looked at a picture of a red rose.  They played with the flower and in art class they painted a picture of a rose.  Kasen’s teachers report that he enjoyed listening to jazz music.

Tuesday: Kasen’s teachers tickled each baby’s feet with a tulip.  In art class, the babies glued a picture of a flower together to make a tulip.  They sang “I’m a little flower” to the tune of “I’m a little teapot.”  Kasen really enjoyed when his teachers put on a puppet show.

Wednesday: The babies looked at pictures of flowers drawn by Georgia O’Keefe (the artist of the month).  Kasen enjoyed tummy time on the play mat and smiled a lot when his teachers took pictures to decorate the classroom.

Thursday: Kasen’s class practiced “gentle touches” as they touched a flower.  They practiced sitting like a tall lily in a garden.  In art, they used chalk on black paper to make a daisy.  Kasen had fun rolling while his teachers sang “If you’re happy and you know it.”

Over the last two weeks, Kasen’s teachers sent home a lot of pictures that Kasen made at daycare.  Here are a few pictures:

We’ll do another update in two weeks!

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