As many of you know, I do not work in the office on Fridays.  I spend the day occupied with the concerns of an infant’s mother, which keeps me very busy!  Still, many of you (especially those of you without children) want to know what I do on these days.

First and foremost, the basics really add up.  We’re talking laundry and dishes.  The baby makes a lot of them, so I’m playing catch up from the week.  We have enough bottles and clothes to last him Monday through Thursday, so we just let it pile up during the hectic weekdays.  I clean up on Fridays.

I also make baby food.  I try and make large batches of solid food so that I can defrost it during the week.  Kasen has his own shelf in the freezer, that looks like this:

I make an effort to spend Kasen’s awake hours interacting with him one-on-one, whether I’m reading him a book or helping him learn how to crawl.  I know he gets a lot of attention at daycare, but we want to make sure that he gets lots of support from his parents as well.

I also give him a lot of opportunities for new experiences that they can’t give him at daycare.  For example, we have ventured out to parks (including the Morris Arboretum) and gone to friends’ houses for playdates.  Here’s a pic from today’s playdate with Mason:

Kasen also gets to play in the grass and paint (he does this at daycare too).  His next new experience will probably be Elmwood Park Zoo, a local zoo only a few minutes from our house.  Here’s a picture of Kasen “experiencing” a bench today:

I know, that’s kind of a gratuitous Kasen picture, but what can I say?  I love showing him off.  Of course we do tons of other things, but those are some of the main ways I act like a stay-at-home mommy on Fridays.

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