Happy half a year!

Kasen turned six months old on Sunday.

At his 6 month well visit to the pediatrician, he was 16 pounds, 10.5 ounces (33rd percentile) and 24.75 inches long (3.8th percentile – he needs every tenth of a percentile he can get!).   At his four month doctor’s appointment, Kasen was in the 26.9th percentile for weight and 2.5th for length… so he’s growing!

Here are his monthly pictures.  He’s getting so big (how big? So big!):

Click here to see the album of Kasen photos from months past.

As always, he hit all of his milestones:

  • Sits without support (for long periods of time!)
  • Looks for a dropped object
  • Rakes a tiny object with his fingers and then picks it up with his fist
  • Feeds himself a cracker (no, not a Wheat Thin, but special baby crackers that help guard against choking)

He really enjoys playing “airplane” (lifting his head, arms, and legs off the ground and flapping his limbs like he’s pretending to fly), which is a precursor to crawling.  He loves to lunge forward from sitting and then creep backwards off his playmat.  He hasn’t figured out how to move forwards yet though.  We’re getting prepared -we put up the baby gate and bought some cabinet locks.  Here’s an adorable picture of him mid-airplane:

We chatted with the pediatrician about traveling to Europe (we are so excited to be able to bring him with!).  A big thanks to Mary Beth for suggesting that Kasen might need an early measles vaccine – the CDC recommended agreed.   The pediatrician also talked with us about some upcoming challenges: using a sippy cup, starting finger foods (like Cheerios), and safety proofing our house.  We are in for an exciting couple of months.


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