Daycare: Weeks 7 & 8

Kasen only went to daycare for one day during Week 7.  On that day, Kasen’s class looked at pictures of butterflies.  They pretended to be butterflies flying around the classroom.  His teachers said he had a great day back to school.  His classmates were happy to see him!

Week of June 20th

School’s Out!  The week of June 20th started Summer Camp.  Kasen survived his first semester of school fabulously.  The start of camp started a new theme: “Looking Up.”

Monday: Kasen’s class learned about the Great Wall of China.  They built two mock-Great Walls and pretended to jump over them.  Kasen’s teachers said grabbed anyone’s finger that came near him.

Tuesday: The campers learned about pyramids.  They built a graham cracker pyramid and played with pyramid-shaped toys.  They also played in the sandbox and tried to create a pyramid out of sand.  Kasen enjoyed playing with the musical instruments in his free time.

Wednesday: The focus for Wednesday was on mountains (and Mt. Everest in particular).  They pretended to be birds soaring in the mountains by moving arms up and down.  Kasen really enjoyed doing art today and feeling the paint on his fingers.

Thursday: Kasen’s class learned more about the Wonders of the World.  They danced to Billy Joel’s Great Wall of China and mummified the teachers with toilet paper.  They built a Great Wall with empty glove boxes and played a Wonders of the World matching game.  Kasen enjoyed playing in “the pit” (a play area with low walls around it) and trying to write his name in calligraphy!

Friday: Today, Kasen and the other campers learned about snow on the top of mountains.  They threw cotton balls up in the air and pretended they were snow. Kasen smiled when all his teachers threw cotton balls i the area around him and made it “snow.”

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