Welcome to the Family, Cousin!

Last weekend, we were fortunate enough to witness the marriage of Kristin’s cousin Timothy to our newest cousin, Dawn!

Even though we flew in late Friday (working all day Friday, so we missed the rehearsal dinner), we participated in lots of festivities. 

Yeah, the girl cousins TPed Billy’s hotel room and stole his bedding.  What good is a family reunion without  a friendly prank?  Somehow I think next time it’ll be the girls missing bedding. Speaking of “next time”…  Kimberly caught the bouquet!

I think Scott might need another (couple) drink(s).

Kasen had lots of fun playing peekaboo with Kristin’s aunts ALL NIGHT.  Thanks to cousin Lauren for the awesome photo!!  She gets credit for the photo of us in Billy’s room and dancing with Grandma too.  A budding photographer indeed.

Kasen got to meet the whole family (many of whom live far away from us).  In fact, before the wedding, we spent the day by the hotel pool and the family took turns playing with Kasen in the water.

After the wedding was over, we snuck in a quick visit with Cathy and Angelo.  They came in from Charlotte to meet Kasen and Kasen LOVED them!!!

We all had a great time.  Congratulations Dawn & Tim!

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