All-American Weekend

Happy Independence Day, readers!  We spent our holiday weekend down at the Jersey Shore and barbecuing with friends.  Doesn’t get much more Born-in-the-USA than that.

On Saturday, we set out for Wildwood Crest, NJ (near Cape May) to see Snooki, The Situation, J-Woww, Vinny, Ronny, and Pauly D Kristin’s family at Kathleen’s shore condo.  We had a great time.  As soon as we arrived, we rented a 4-passenger surrey.  We strapped Kasen and his carseat to the back and pedaled our way along the boardwalk and the bike path.

We had a few misadventures while we were out (for example, we tried to drive a mile and a half with the brakes on!).  We got some great views of the scenery and the beautiful beach weather.  Here’s a picture of the boardwalk, featuring the many cyclists who were avoiding our why-won’t-this-surrey-move, who-isn’t-pedalling?, the-brakes-are-on! vehicle.

We enjoyed a delicious family lunch at the apartment.  We hung out, caught up, and chit-chatted the afternoon away.  Kasen took a nice long nap because we told him he needed lots of energy for the late afternoon and evening.  When we were done eating (and Kasen was awake), we headed to Kathleen’s uncle’s complex.  That complex has a wading pool for children and Kasen LOVED it.

The adults enjoyed the silly signs like “Depth: 2 in.  No diving.” and “Adults may be in wading pool only when accompanied by a child.”  We had 6+ adults accompanied by one (very happy) child.

After swimming, we mosied up to Kathleen’s uncle’s condo to clean up and devour an absolutely delicious dinner/feast.  This was the first time we got to meet Kathleen’s family and we really enjoyed each other’s company.  We were talking like we’d known each other forever.  Mimi even gave us a break from entertaining Kasen so we could eat with two hands!  It’s the little things in life… 

The next morning we enjoyed another family feast.  Uncle Dan cooked some delicious french toast and showed off his talent for petting three dogs at once:

After carb-loading, the Princeton-based family headed home, while we stayed for a little kayaking.  Gigi loves boats, so she went out with us.  We left Kasen with Kathleen’s family on the dock.  We splashed and swam in the water for a while before it was time for us to head home.

But the fun isn’t over!  Both of us had the day off on Monday (what a rare occurance!).  We gave the yard a little attention with some desperately needed weeding) and then headed off to Sarah & John’s for a barbecue.

Kasen enjoyed his favorite activity – pool time – with Miss June.

And so ended another busy weekend for us!  Next weekend, we will hopefully return to some of our house projects (the future patio needs some attention).  We’ll keep you posted!

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