Daycare: Weeks 9 & 10

Week of June 27th

Kasen missed school on Monday and Tuesday because he was sick.  He was very happy to be feeling better on Wednesday so he could play with his classmates!

Wednesday:  Kasen really enjoyed smearing gold paint on paper with his fingers when he made a picture of the Great Wall of China.  He also enjoyed touching the sponge that his teachers dipped in the paint.

Thursday:  Kasen colored a picture of Mt. Kilimanjaro and sang “She’ll be comin’ around the mountain” (with his teachers’ help, of course).  He slid down the climber and pretended the climber was a mountain that he was sliding down. 

Week of July 4th

Monday:  Happy birthday America!

Tuesday: Kasen’s class created a mini-statue of Colossus of Rhodes.  When they were done, they played freeze dance and pretended to be a frozen statue.  Kasen enjoyed listening to his teacher read the book the Gingerbread Family.

Wednesday:  A special visitor came to class – a ventriloquist!  Kasen played with plastic eggs and enjoyed putting them in plastic cups.

Thursday:  Kasen’s classmates made an aquarium by painting and gluing eyes onto fish pictures.  Then, he practiced laying on his belly and trying to swim like a fish.  Kasen’s teachers hid a toy fish under the playmat and the kids tried to find it.  Kasen’s teachers said he also enjoyed making fish faces in the mirror.

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