Daycare: Weeks 11 & 12

Week of July 11th

This week, Kasen’s class focused on “Places with Faces.”

Monday:  Kasen played with Play-Doh (and according to his teachers enjoyed trying to eat it).  They used the clay to make a model of Mt. Rushmore.

Tuesday:  Kasen’s teachers helpd Kasen make a turkey using Kasen’s handprint.  Kasen and his classmates sang Old MacDonald Had a Farm and looked at pictures of farm animals.  Kasen enjoyed sitting in his teacher’s lap as they threw the parachute up over everyone’s head.  Here’s a picture of Kasen’s turkey:

Wednesday: Alex’s Lemonade Stand came to daycare for a charitable raffle.  Kasen went for a buggy ride outside to visit the Lemonade stand.  Kasen and his classmates also played with scarves.

Thursday:  Kasen glued the faces of former presidents to paper to create a picture of Mt. Rushmore.  He and his classmates used a paint brush and a bucket of water to paint the sidewalk.  Kasen enjoyed both activities!  Here’s a photo of his creation:

Week of July 18th

This week’s theme is “Wet and Wild!”  Kasen really loves playing with water, so he should have a lot of fun.

Monday:  Kasen’s class learned about the Great Barrier Reef.  They used bright colors and dry pastels to create a picture of the Reef.  Kasen was extra-smiley.  Here’s a picture of his finished picture:

Tuesday: Kasen’s teachers played the song “Under the Sea” from the Little Mermaid.  Kasen got to play with a sponge and a bucket of water.  Kasen really enjoyed playing with the Mr. Potato Head.

Wednesday:  Kasen learned the signs “fish” and “ocean” in sign language.  Kasen really enjoyed playing in the water and with the water toys.  His teachers said he splashed the whole time!

Thursday:  Kasen’s class dipped a seashell in different color paints and used the shell as a stamp.  They made fish faces in a mioor and pretended to swim.  Kasen particularly enjoyed rocking back and forth like a wave and looking at himself in the mirror (vein much?).

Here are a few more of Kasen’s drawings that came home from daycare over the last two weeks:

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