Suitcase-ing Up

We’ve been watching How I Met Your Mother a lot, so we thought we would start this post (about packing for vacation) with a fun quote:

Barney: You don’t think I can’t talk you into helping me pack? I once got the Queen to fist pump me.
Ted: Dude, no one believes that story.
Lily: Maybe you can convince those brain surgeons you pick up to believe you, but it won’t work on us.
[Barney adjusts his collar, cracks his knuckles and clears his throat; cut to the guys packing at Barney’s mother’s house]
Lily: How does he do that?

If we could magically convince our friends to pack for us, we totally would.

In the meantime, we have an obscenely long list of things that need to get packed and a tiny baggage allowance.  The airlines will let us check one suitcase for each paying passenger (i.e. two checked bags for free) and the car seat.  We can carry on one suitcase and one “personal item” for each paying passenger; we can gate-check Kasen’s stroller.  That means we can bring up to four suitcases (two carry-on size), two personal items, a car seat, and a stroller without paying any fees.  (oh, and let’s be clear: Kasen is a paying passenger.  We pay a 10% fee for him to have the luxury of sitting in our laps for 8 hours.) 

So, no one really cares about what Krister & Kristin will pack.  You all want to know about the extraordinarily long list of stuff we have to pack for Kasen.  Here’s a list, broken down by topic, of what we’re packing for a European vacation with an 8-month-old:


  • Bottles
  • Dishwashing detergent, travel size (to clean bottles in hotel sinks
  • Formula, powder and pre-mixed (25 oz per day)
  • Water purifier (so we don’t have to buy a lot of bottled water for formula)
  • Bibs, disposable for solid food meals and reusable for bottle meals
  • Solid food (90 packages!)
  • Burp cloths
  • Disposable placemats
  • Spoons
  • Baby crackers for the plane


  • Peapod (a small, portable baby bed)
  • Crib sheets
  • Blanket(s)
  • Travel soother


  • Wedding outfit
  • Footed pajamas
  • Rompers (easier than shirts and pants)
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Swimsuit


  • Diapers (75 diapers!)
  • Diaper rash cream
  • Changing pads, disposable and regular
  • Ziploc bags
  • Wipes
  • Pacifier wipes (Kasen doesn’t use a pacifier, but these are for toys/spoons when they fall on the ground)
  • Baby Tylenol
  • Baby laundry detergent, travel size
  • Sunscreen


  • Toys!
  • Stroller
  • Car seat
  • Baby carrier
  • Swim toy (this is really for Kristin & Krister, so the baby can entertain himself in the pool without their having to carry him everywhere)
  • Passport
  • Vaccination list

Once we’ve managed to stuff everything into an oversized suitcase, we’ll snap a picture as evidence that we did it.  In the meantime, what are we forgetting??

3 thoughts on “Suitcase-ing Up

  1. I feel your pain on the packing for a baby! I make a list everytime we travel somewhere and it looks like you got all the essentials on my list, plus a few extra things (GREAT idea on the Peapod rather than a Pack and Play, i’m gonna invest in one of those), minus the annoying medical equipment. Have a great trip!

    • The Peapod changed how we traveled! We used to do the pack-n-play, but the Peapod is so tiny and easy (plus we bring it to the beach, etc. and Kasen is protected from UV and bugs). I have no idea how you do it with medical equipment – we can barely manage to get all of Kasen’s crap in a suitcase as it is!

  2. My solution…just fly a lot and then you never have to pay for checked bags 🙂 But, wow, that’s a lot of stuff for Kasen….I know you can do it! Good luck!

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