Summer camp is over; a new school year begins

Daycare (aka “school) starts the fall semester on Tuesday.  Kasen will no longer be at “summer camp” but he’ll be back to school after Labor Day.  Here’s what he’s been up to for the last couple weeks:

Week of August 8th:

Monday:  Kasen played with play dough at camp today.  Because the theme for this week is “Colossal Construction,” his teachers and classmates pretended to be Babylonian Kings building a kingdom of blocks.

Tuesday: Using his forearm and handprint, Kasen made a painting of trees in clss today.  He also learned about the shape of a circle by looking at objects that were round in the classroom.

Wednesday: Kasen loves Wednesdays because they are water play days!  His teachers report that Kasen was full of giggles and smiles as he splashed around.  He was very curious about the “science bottle toys” and enjoyed shaking the bottles and listening to the rice and beans inside.

Thursday: Kasen built a tower out of blocks on the playground and knocked it down (we think his teachers helped with the building, but not with the demolition!).  He created a garden out of tissue paper, sang London Bridges, and learned how to plant flowers.

Week of August 15th:

Monday: Kasen enjoyed trying to crawl in and out of a tunnel.  His teachers report that Kasen is getting very good at moving to areas of the room where he wants to be.

Tuesday: Kasen’s class learned about nature’s wonders in class.  They created a boat in art class and sang “Down by the bay.”  Kasen pretended he was a scientist and explored the textures of a bug collection.

Week of August 22nd: Vacation!!

Week of August 29th:

Monday:  Vacation!

Tuesday: Vacation!

Wednesday: Kasen had a great first day back at camp.  He painted on rocks, sang “She’ll be comin’ round the mountain,” and learned about counting.

Thursday:  Kasen’s teachers taught the babies about stars.  In art class, they drew a picture of a constellation.  In music, they sang Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. They also played wth star-shaped toys.  Kasen had lots of fun playing outside too.

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