Kendrick & Paula: Part 2!

Krister’s brother Kendrick celebrated his recent wedding (which you probably read about in our many posts about our trip to Spain) in Boston in early October.  We helped celebrate by hopping in the car and driving up north to Boston for the party.

We actually left on Thursday night, with the hopes of spending a 3-day weekend there.  Unfortunately, we were only twenty minutes from home, when…

Yep, a flat tire.  We turned around, put Kasen to bed, and Krister changed out all the wheels on the truck to the “winter tires” so we didn’t have to drive all the way to and from Boston on a spare.

We set out again on Friday morning.  When we arrived in the afternoon, Kristin had to do some work, so Krister entertained the babies (Kasen and Gigi) outside in the yard.

The party really got started on Saturday.  And, what’s a party without a pig?

The rainy weather even cleared up so we were able to play outside a bit:

We didn’t catch any pictures of Gigi because she was too busy begging for food from each and every guest.  When she wasn’t begging, she was being chased by one of a half-dozen toddlers who were in attendance.  (She slept for about 3 days straight after the party.)

Just before we headed home on Sunday, Kasen got to visit with his GrandDaddy, Nana, and Uncle Bill for brunch:

We headed back to Philly and made it without losing any more tires.  Congratulations again Kendrick and Paula!

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