A long-overdue daycare update

We were so good about giving you daycare updates over the months, but somewhere we just stopped doing it.  Here’s a very abbreviated summary of what Little K has been up to at school:

September: “Here we Go, Watch me Grow” and “Family and Friends, No Two are Alike”

  • Listened to his teachers read It’s Okay to Be Different by Todd Parr
  • Played with play food (Kasen apparently tried to eat it all; it was close to lunch time…)
  • Glued together pictures of people
  • Played with the bugs in the science bin and drew a ladybug
  • Created a tree using green paint on white paper and felt the leaves outside
  • Painted with water colors (he knocked over the purple by accident)
  • Felt his teachers tickle his feet with a flower
  • Put balls in the middle of the parachute and then shook it
  • Played with a drum and pots (this apparently involved picking up the pot and throwing it on the ground)
  • Learned about his body parts
  • Took school pictures!
  • Practiced giving hugs
  • Sang “Make New Friends” (…but keep the old…)
  • Put faces on the Mr. Potato Heads
  • Played with trans and cars
  • Enjoyed painting on the hand print rainbow… apparently he “wanted to hand print everything: the paper, [his teacher], the table, his leg…”
  • Practiced clapping hands and pulling off socks off feet
  • Sang “Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes”
  • Played outside and went for buggy rides (a 4-seat stroller)
  • Enjoyed listening to the book Big and Little by Todd Parr and turning the pages
  • Made music with a triangle
  • Played with a shape sorter and numbers cut out of paper
  • Sang the ABCs 123s.

October: “We are Family”

In addition to learning about family, this month had a lot of Halloween-themed activities.

  • Practiced signing the word “pumpkin”
  • Played with pumpkins and rolled them around
  • Painted ghosts (white-paint footprints on black paper)
  • Practiced saying “mama” and “dada”
  • Watched stuffed bats fly overhead (okay, they were carried overhead)
  • Painted pictures of bats
  • Played with a spider puppet and sang “Itsy bitsy spider”
  • Played with leaves (Kasen loves crinkling leaves and ripping them to pieces)
  • Looked at pictures of reptiles,  built a house for the reptiles, and played with alligator puppets
  • Played with a dog bone and learned the sign for dog
  • Crawled through a tunnel
  • Sang “Five Little Pumpkins Sitting on the Fence” and held pumpkins as they sang
  • Learned about bugs and pointed to them in a bug book
  • Practiced using gentle touches on a stuffed squirrel (Kasen has not mastered this skill yet, but Gigi is fortunately very tolerant!)
  • Pretended to be a bird and created birds in art class with feathers
  • Squeezed a play fish that spewed air out of its mouth
  • Hid play fish in the sandbox and dug around for them
  • Painted a paper cat picture with string
  • Shook bells and played with a rain stick
  • Finger-painted a leaf (Kasen apparently painted the table too) and threw leaves in the air and tried to catch them
  • Painted a squirrel and spread shredded wheat on the squirrel’s tale (Gigi thinks this sounds like the best art project ever, since it involves both squirrels and food!)
  • Played with an apple, rolling it to the other babies and the teachers
  • Sang “5 Little Apples Falling From the Tree” and painted with an apple-shaped cookie cutter dipped in paint
  • Looked at family photos on the family photo board
  • Pretended that dolls were mommy and daddy and gave them hugs and kisses
  • Played with a parachute
  • Read the story “A Baby Sister for Frances” by Russell Hoan
  • Made family trees (Kasen’s family tree is hanging up in our kitchen now)

November: “All in a Day’s Work”

Our highlight from this month (so far) is the day that Kasen dressed up as a fireman!  How do they come up with this stuff?

  • Listened to the book The Car by Byron Barton
  • Played with toy tools, a toy tool belt, and a toy tool box
  • Painted a drill with silver and yellow paints
  • Sang “Whistle While You Work”
  • Looked for tools in the first words book
  • Painted with a hammer
  • Played hide-and-go-seek with a toy hammer (yes, the hammer did the hiding!)
  • Sang the “Bob the Builder” theme song
  • Practiced using a mailbox to send a pretend letter
  • Sang “Mr. Postman”
  • Played with toy fire trucks and police cars
  • Rolled cars along a map of our community
  • Played with science toys

Here’s a photo gallery of all the art projects that he’s had over the last few months and one photo of Kasen at his school’s daycare Halloween parade:

Kasen also got his first Progress Report.  Kasen’s teachers report that his strengths include reaching for interesting objects, crawling to where he wants to be.  He also aptly shows distress, excitement and delight and stretches out his arms when he wants to be picked up.  He enjoys art projects and babbling with his classmates.  He’s next review will be in April.  We can’t wait to see where he’ll be then!

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