Gigi’s Birthday

Gigi’s birthday is today!  We celebrated it yesterday since neither Krister nor Kristin’s employers recognize January 30th as a holiday (yet).

Gigi prepared for the big celebration with a manicure and a bubble bath (we’re pretty sure we heard Gigi say “why are you doing this to me? On the eve of my birthday?!” but we’ll go with it).

Then on Sunday morning, when she woke up all clean and fluffy, she got an extra-big breakfast and some new toys:

Sorry the picture is so blurry…  Gigi wouldn’t sit still for one photo.  In fact, she squeaked until she couldn’t squeak any more.  Literally.  She broke a bunch of the squeakers after spending hours (or at least it felt like hours) squeaking that poor fuzzy cow.  Fortunately, the cow has about fifteen squeakers in it, so it should take a while before she breaks them all.

Once she was worn out from squeaking the morning away, she enjoyed a nice, quiet afternoon nap.

…and a stroll around the block…

…and then it was cake time!  She was such a lucky dog because this year, we made her a yummy peanut butter birthday cake:

After cake, we finished her big present (more details on the main blog shortly).  It’s a toy storage tube!

After all the day’s activities, she was exhausted and happy to head to bed.  Happy 8th birthday, Gigi!

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