A few of Kasen’s favorite things

Now that Kasen is old enough to express himself, he’s also old enough to have an opinion (No!).  Although usually he tells us how much he does not like things (I hate this food so I throw it on the floor!), we have found a few things that he really enjoys.


The kid is obsessed with fruit of all kinds – oranges, pears, peaches, strawberries.  You name it.  And he can eat them in huge amounts.  Once he ate a family-sized containers of blueberries.  We usually limit him, but it’s so hard to say no to just a little more fruit….

He likes picking up a piece of fruit, putting it on his spoon, and then feeding himself with the spoon.  Super cute.


Well, you have to work out all the fruit sugar somehow.  Our little guy likes to climb the stairs.  He’s been climbing stairs as long as he could crawl, but somehow it never gets old.


He thinks it’s hilarious to pretend to go to sleep everywhere and anywhere.  Of course he loves to “go to sleep” on soft, warm surfaces, but he was very surprised when he tried to “go to sleep” in the snow a few weeks ago…


He also thinks he’s funny when he pretends to talk on the telephone.  And he has decided that anything can be a make-shift telephone (including, but not limited to shoes, the palm of his hand, a plastic toy car….).  He prefers to “talk on the telephone” with the toy telephone that his Aunt Cathy gave him though.


Playing outside is way more fun the playing inside.


It’s apparently a lot of fun to take food out of the refrigerator and put it back in.  And take it out again.


Sometimes this results in pulling Gigi, turning Gigi into a pillow (see # 3, above), whacking her in the face, and/or throwing toys at her.  Let’s just say that Gigi is very tolerant.


Now that he has a small working vocabulary, he really wants to talk more.  He knows that learning words means that he can communicate and get what he wants.  He tries to mimic every word you say and wants books read to him constantly.  His vocubulary now includes:

  • More
  • Mama
  • Dadda
  • Doggie
  • Hi

We’ve heard him say “outside” and “Gigi” and “tickle” before, but they were never repeated again.  He really wants to be able to say “book” but right now, it just sounds like “ka”.


No, our 14-month-old toddler cannot read.  He mostly enjoys turning the pages, although books with holes or textures (e.g. “touch and feel” books) are loads of fun too.

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