The Big 3-1

It’s official.  Kristin and Krister are both 31.

Kristin turned 31 only a few days ago; Krister’s birthday was a few weeks ago. Well, we technically celebrated a few weeks after his big day, so we’ll just say his birthday was more recent.  We were driving home from Boston on his real birthday and that’s no fun, so (after eating a bunch of cake) we agreed that we would celebrate two weeks later when we had the whole day to ourselves.

Krister’s sister Prudence actually came down and babysat Kasen, so we could get all dressed up and party the night away at the Red Ball, a benefit for our local chapter of the Red Cross.  The next day we opened presents.

For those of you who were wondering, neither Krister nor Kasen turned out to be the biggest present-opener of the day.  The award goes to Gigi, who is obsessed with wrapping paper, thanks to years of getting wrapped treats on her birthday and Christmas:

For his birthday, Krister got lots of presents including some saw horses (pictured above), running clothes, and a new “beer kit” so he can brew a new batch of beer.  Krister’s “real” birthday present will be a tool chest that he picked out that we’re going to put in our garage when it’s finished.  Something a la this one:

(Original picture found here.)  Stay tuned for more info on that one.

Kristin’s birthday was on Tuesday.  We celebrated with a big party on Sunday.  It’s family tradition to have a mimosas and coffeecake party on the weekend closest to Kristin’s birthday and it’s always a huge success.  This year was no exception.  Of course, no one actually took any photos, so you’ll just have to trust that the mimosas were flowing fast and so was the conversation.

Kristin’s big birthday present was a “mosquito grill” which is a propane grill that baits mosquitoes into its trap.  Theoretically, the grill will eliminate mosquitoes on an acre of property.  Here’s hoping!  We want to finish and open up our patio this year, so a mosquito-free yard is a must.

On Kristin’s real birthday, we celebrated after a long day of work with sausage-and-pepperoni pizza and a delicious cookie cake!

We also received a number of super generous Home Depot and Best Buy gift cards, which you’ll see put into action soon.

Happy birthday to us!

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