Our Summer Resolutions

Happy Memorial Day, Readers!

Memorial Day is, of course, a day to remember our fallen heroes.  It also marks the start of summer – barbecues, pools, parks, and beaches!  This year, we’ve decided to use it as a New Year’s Day of sorts…  featuring our New Summer’s Resolutions!  Two resolutions to be exact.

Resolution #1: More picnics!

Photo taken on May 19, 2012.  Gotta love Kasen’s Memorial Day t-shirt featuring an American flag!

We live 5 minutes from Valley Forge National Park, which is the perfect place for a picnic.  It has grass, trees, walking paths, and historical significance.  (What else could you want in a picnic locale?  What, Gigi?  You think picnics should involve squirrels?  Good news- Valley Forge has that too.)

We have hit the park a couple times in the last few weeks and have gotten into a routine that makes it easy.  We keep the picnic basket ready to go and just add a couple Uncrustrables (they’re defrosted by the time we are ready to eat), chips, cookies, and drinks.  It literally takes only a few minutes to get set to go.  We’re all about attainable goals.

Resolution #2: Hit the Pool.

We love our house.  Not only are we minutes away from George Washington’s Revolutionary War encampment (and the second-largest mall in America), but there’s a public pool here too!  Okay, we know they don’t sound comparable but they all get the job done – they wear Kasen out!

Last year, we had hoped to get to the pool a few times, but with all the rain and traveling, we never made it.  This year, with Kasen’s higher activity levels, we’re definitely going to need to get him in the pool to tire him out for nap time.  Plus, they have a baby pool that Kasen can walk around in all by himself.  So much fun for a toddler!

So, those are our resolutions.  We tried to keep them attainable, so hopefully we’ll stick to them.  Happy Memorial Day and Happy Summer!

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